Shooting fascinating and thrilling New York. Skyscrapers, streetart and even beaches. New York is something special and definitely a city that never sleeps.



I stayed in Brooklyn close to the Brooklyn Broadway and therefore started to explore New York on the east side of Manhatten. My walks along Kent street to Bradford Ave., some parks, Brooklyn Heights and later on to Brooklyn Bridge offered some amazing views. Brooklyn impressed me.

When i was walking on Brooklyn Bridge i noticed a bodybuilder and his photographer taking pictures. I asked if i may have a shot or two with him and both agreed. I didn’t know it was Gennaro Ferra, winner 2018 IFBB Classic Bodybuilding North American and owner of Ferra Fitness, NY. He is a personal trainer and coach – and a charming guy. Thanks Gennaro! Follow him on instagram or visit his homepage.A shot across the east river. This picture was selected by the editorial staff of german „Stern“-Magazine and published on their homepage. Thanks a lot!

From above

Skyscrapers. Yes. Quite a lot :-). I went to the observation platform on the Empire State Building, visited „top of the rocks“ in the Rockefeller Center and on my last day i finally went to the One World Observatory in One World Trade Center. If you ask me where to go to have the most spectacular view:  photographers go to the Rockefeller Center and the non-photographers go to One World Observatory. Or simply visit both :-). It’s worth it anyway.


Times Square

The little book i carried around with me stated „Times Square“ to be the most famous place in New York. Maybe it is. It is certainly the brightest in the evening :-). I found it to be very peacful. Yes, really. Lot’s of car’s and noice and people. But there was also a certain quiteness to it.



New York is known for it’s Skyline and because i was approaching Manhatten always from the eastern side every day i had a lot of opportinities to take photos from across the East River.  I also went to „Roosevelt Island“ which is well worth the trip.



i was surprised by the streetart in New York. Whether i was in Brooklyn, China Town, Little Italy, Soho or elsewhere… there were always bright and interesting paintings on the walls of the buildings. Obviously not just „some“ graffiti but from artists.


Downtown Manhatten and other places

5th Avenue, Museum Of Modern Art, World Trade Center, Central Park, United Nations, Grand Central Terminal, Coney Island, Roosevelt Island, Queens and my favorite place: Washington Square. There are so many places to explore. I can’t name them all. If you have a close look you will see me in one of the pictures ;-)…


I couldn’t get a decent shot from the „Flatiron Building“ when i was in New York in 1999. This year i succeeded. What do you think? Leave a comment if you like.