Xin chào Việt Nam

It was exciting and a great pleasure to visit this country which is so much on the move. You can have excellent food, see great landscapes and dig into world-history and culture if you like. I stayed for fifteen days and spend them in the north of Vietnam. Ha Long Bay was a must and most rewarding. It was followed by Sa Pa, Ninh Binh and Hanoi of course. Vietnam is underrated. The Temple of Chua Bai Dinh is a jewel and not yet discovered by mass tourism. And so are others. Go there. I had the pleasure to meet charming people too… even from Canada :-)))…

A special moment, a special picture. This one was taken near Sa Pa on the rice fields. I asked his mother if i am allowed to. The photo was selected into the permanent gallery of german „Stern“-Magazine.

Young kid on rice field in Sa Pa

More landscape photos… weitere Landschaften findet ihr hier!

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